Alarms are ringing but some will not hear

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    Following gob-smacking stuff ups including passengers exposed to Covid-19 being allowed to leave cruise ships and airline travellers racing through airports without being checked as well as Morrison's decision to compromise many of the controls put in place earlier to reduce Covid-19's impact, it seems that Australians are basking in brilliant sunshine on the beach as the Covid-19 tsunami gathers momentum.

    Indeed, we appear to be at the tipping point on a bus going over a cliff with Morrison and his incredibly stupid Muppets racing up and down the aisle of our bus screaming "Look at what China did!".

    "I fled the coronavirus in New York for Sydney. I was shocked by what I saw in Australia"

    "... I have a grim message for you from the future. About three weeks into the future, to be precise.

    For New York City, which is emerging as the epicentre of the virus's spread in the US, it is too late. The healthcare system is already beyond breaking point and cases are said to be doubling every three days.

    If New York could have the last three weeks back, it would. That innocuous play on the swings. That last trip on the subway to work. That last catchup at the pub before the "serious" lockdown started. All of these things now seem reckless in hindsight.

    But you still have those three weeks ahead of you, Sydney.
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