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    Found this old report flicking thru the sites,the report is dated 1999, scroll down to "Off Shore Mineral Exploration"paragraph, Mr Alan Burns sure got around

    Falkland Islands Offshore Oil Exploration
    and Onshore Geology Activities

    A news update from the Department of Mineral Resources
    November/December 1999

    Dr Phil Richards, the Government's Consultant from BGS on offshore hydrocarbon exploration, visited the Falklands in early October. He briefed Falkland Islands Government officials on the most recent analysis from the data retrieved from the wells drilled in the North Falkland Basin last year and gave a public presentation in Stanley (broadcast live on the local radio station) and at Port Howard on West Falklands.

    Phil was able to explain to the public that although the six wells drilled north of the Islands were classified as "dry", live oil was returned to the surface from one well and quantities of gas were found in another. Geochemical analysis of the data from the wells indicates that the North Falkland Basin has rich organic source rock present. Some of the source rock is not mature but the lower sections of the rock are considered to be capable of generating oil.

    Oil companies calculate that to make an oilfield viable in the waters around the Falklands a discovery of 200 million barrels of recoverable oil is required. The most conservative calculation from British Geological Survey suggests that the source rock in the North Falkland Basin could have generated one billion barrels of oil. The best potential modelled at present for the Basin is a generation of up to 11 billion barrels of oil. Oil companies have also done their calculations and their figures differ widely. Some lower, some higher! Further exploration activity is now needed to trace where the hydrocarbons may have migrated to.

    FIG Marketing Activities

    The Falkland Islands Government had a stand at the Association of American Petroleum Geologists meeting in Birmingham in September. This was the first opportunity to be able to publicise the source rock potential in the North Falkland Basin following analysis of data from the exploration wells.

    The industry was also informed about FIG's plans to introduce open-door licensing in 2000. Details will be made available as terms and conditions are finalised.

    British Geological Survey will represent the Government at a meeting of the Society of Exploration Geologists (SEG) in Houston in early November.

    Company Activities

    Production Licence holders will conclude the third year of their licence in November. Much has been achieved in this short time and there are still two years left of the first phase of the licence.

    A number of the operators are carrying out their own geological reviews of the North Falkland Basin in order to piece together the geological evolution of this lasustrine basin and its potential for retaining oil reserves. Although there may not appear to be much activity in the Falklands at present specialists are continuing to work on the wealth of data available to the operators.

    Now that a rich source rock has been identified in the North Falkland Basin there is expected to be renewed interest in the area. Companies holding licences will be considering new work programmes in the next few years and some will be seeking new partners to support future exploration.

    Offshore Mineral Exploration

    Cambridge Mineral Resources, holders of a Falklands on-shore prospecting licence, have announced that they have entered into an exploration joint venture agreement, farming out 66 2/3% of its interest in the licence to the Falkland Islands Company and Falkland Islands Mineral Development Limited. FIMD is a locally registered company of which Mr Alan Burns, a regular visitor to the Islands during fieldwork activities, is a director.
    The farm out will be considered by the Falkland Islands Government in view of the necessary changes that will be required to the licence to reflect the new partnerships.

    Dr Phil Stone from BGS will be in the Falklands from 5 - 24 November. Phil, a specialist in mineralogy, advises FIG on the work carried out by Cambridge Mineral Resources. If anyone has any interesting specimens that they would like identifying (and we have had some interesting fossils from campers in previous years!) now is the time to bring them to the Department for Phil to examine. He would be pleased to meet with anyone requiring information about the type of work BGS can undertake.

    Geological Maps and Report

    Geological maps of the Falklands can be purchased from the Pink Shop on Fitzroy Road as well as from the office. They are available flat or folded at £20 for two sheets with a geological explanation sheet. Copies of the Geological Report of the Islands are also available on request at £50. Please contact Amara Watts for details. These maps make ideal Christmas presents particularly for people interested in the Camp.

    Department of Mineral Resources
    27 October 1999

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    Newsletter: March / April 1999
    Newsletter: September / October 1999

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