al-qaida aimed at rupe?????

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    Special Alert - No. 10
    June 20, 2003 No.10

    Alleged Message from an Al-Qa'ida Chief on the Upcoming

    The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Watan published a communiqué today allegedly authored by Al-Qa'ida's chief of training Abu Muhammad Al-Ablaj, which refers to an impending attack by the organization.

    The communiqué stated that Al-Qa'ida's chief of training Abu Muhammad Al-Ablaj said Osama bin Laden is about to direct a "fatal blow" to the "head of the international media serpent that serves the American whims and interests." He added that the upcoming phases against the U.S. will "cut off the wings of the American eagle, slice its arteries, and finally butcher it the Islamic way."

    Al-Ablaj also claimed that Al-Qa'ida has an independent brigade in Iraq. [1]

    The preceding information also appeared earlier today on MEMRI's News Ticker. Visit MEMRI's News Ticker for the latest news from the Arab & Muslim world.


    [1] Al-Watan (Kuwait), June 20, 2003. Al-Watan reported that the communiqué will also appear in the London-based Saudi weekly Al-Majalla.

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