al-aqsa martyrs brigade says it won't honor ceasef

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    Jun. 6, 2003
    Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade says it won't honor ceasefire

    The Fatah militia Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade says it will not honor the end to the armed intifada declared by Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas at the Red Sea Summit in Aqaba at the end of the week.

    In a written statement received by Ynet, the organization writes, "No signature by the Palestinians on a document of any kind will obligate the organization while the Israeli escalation continues, and while the siege of Arafat remains in place."

    The statement continues, "We will not sit and shake hands in such a situation. If Sharon understands only force, he will find us in this arena until we defeat him. It cannot be that the aggression and the harm against the Palestinian people and the leader Arafat will continue."

    Furthermore, the organization condemns new Palestinian Minister for State Security, Muhammad Dahlan, writing to Mahmoud Abbas, "We will not agree to the issue that wanted men will be handled by a man who is an American-Israeli project forced upon the Authority and the Palestinian people. Dahlan was forced upon us by the Americans, Israelis, and Arab regimes collaborating with them."

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