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    Further to my last post, and really for MADX and his followers, I'll say this.
    We all know that Akida on an FPGA card and the development of such really ramped
    up in August 2017, when Louis made mention that it had been underway for a couple
    of months, and was progressing nicely.
    Then we get the unexpected announcement on 14 December that, Peter is leaving his
    position on the Board to focus all his energy into the development on AKIDA NSoC for
    a late December 2018, maybe even earlier market release..excellent.

    Peter made a statement in the press release, ending with this.
    "Further details of the Akida NSoC will be released in early 2018."
    That press release was dated 14 December 2017...closing in on 3 months ago !

    We all know that Akida on FPGA was touted for an early 2018 release...then we hear
    from Louis that, it's probably going to be late June, maybe into July 2018, so I will change
    my wording from late, to delayed...fine, we all know that it's 4 months away approximately.

    So, asking politely for an update to this point MADX is more than reasonable, you obviously
    disagree, that's fine...but the email was sent to the lead scientist (Peter) to decide if he wishes
    to inform the market, and to think he needs lots of new engineers to help with an issue related
    to the Akida development, is not only naive, but pure speculation..based on your imagination.
    Unless of course, you are based near Newport Beach, which in that case, I retract everything, well almost everything that, I have just rambled on about...goodnight.
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