airplane story

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    Two men sitting next to each other on the plane. One of them is comfortably reading a book. The other is wiggling in his seat. Can't stand the quiet; so he turns to the intellectual and says, "it's gonna be a long trip, so you mind if we began a conversation? It'll make the time go faster." The book reader rolls his eyes, as if to say, hear we go again, slowly closes the book, putting one fginger at the place he was reading and replies, "OK, my friend, what would you like to talk about?" The other man smiles puffs his chest out and says, well what about money? I've got this $720,000 and I would like to discuss its possible investment."
    The reader, nods and says, "OK but before we begin, let me ask you this one question."
    "Well, a donkey, a horse and a mule all eat grass, right?"
    "Well why is it that the first shits grass, the second hay and the third pellets?"
    The puffed chest thinks for a second and answers, "No, I don't know!"
    "Well," says, the reader, "Do you think you're qualified to talk about investments of that nature when you don't know shit?" and opens his book at the point where he left it.

    A very very merry Xmas to you all! By all means get drunk but not angry! It should all be fun!
    All the best for 2003 and all those that will follow it!
    Ardently hope to see you back here soon!
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