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    Our strata unit complex on the Sunshine Coast had for many years had a good mix of permanents (60%) and short/holiday let (40%) through the on-site manager.

    Unfortunately, we have been bombarded over the last year or so with Airbnb style occupancy which seems to be changing the dynamics of the complex. Soon the complex will be predominantly of this style of letting.

    Some of the permanents have sold in an attempt to find harmony to what that had before, but I can see that this will be short lived as it will eventually creep in there also.

    The Maroochy airport is currently being upgraded to suit larger international planes which will bring a huge number of tourists to the coast placing a higher demand for short stay accommodation than what currently exists.

    The Body Corp have had to increase their levies due to the extra cost of cleaning and maintenance requirements to the common areas, pool, spa, lifts etc. which seems to be unfair for the permanents who are very quiet and treat the property with respect.

    When there have been onsite issues with noise, onsite parking, room and pool/spa parties the Airbnb booking agents or owners cannot be contacted or are living outside of Australia.

    Does anyone know if there are any controls or regulations that can be introduced via the Body Corp to prevent this Airbnb style of accommodation from taking over residential hi-rise living.

    Regards Wombat

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