air canada plane on fire over sydney

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    AN Air Canada plane has caught fire over Sydney and is currently dumping fuel.

    Flight AC34 departed Sydney Airport at at 10.25am en route to Vancouver and Toronto and reportedly experienced a fire in the galley which could not be contained.
    Wendy Fitzgibbon
    From: The Daily Telegraph
    July 28, 2011 11:36AM

    Fuel was dumped over Hornsby and Longreef.

    At 11.53am the captain reported that he had completed the fuel dump.

    Do you know anyone on board? Email news tips, pictures and video to [email protected]

    It is not known if any dangerous cargo was on board the Boeing 777-233LR.

    Ambulances have been alerted to be on standby.

    Two years ago, at least 11 passengers and four crew members were injured when the Air Canada Flight 34 from Sydney to Vancouver hit severe turbulence caused by a thunderstorm about one hour northeast of Honolulu.
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