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    As with a few others,
    We have been long for (since 2005~06) years on this one and we got in and yes unfortunately we are delayed. But and must say BUT, these levels have been an opportunity to topup our holdings. You see most of the LT traders here like 'D', 'Hoof' are in when we originally had a mine startup of around 2009! yes 2009. I felt comfy then and bought in for a LT strategy on Zn. Yes we all got excited when management decided to throw a carrot in around Sept 2006 and advise to the market that they could reduce up to 12 months the expected start-up time. At that stage i for one loaded in a bit more for a shorter term play and maybe turn my LT hold into a free ride.
    Ok we have experienced a natural occurence 'rain' that flooded our rather large hole, but hey thats life. We have also had other minor delays that have added to the overall picture, but guess what? The mine is starting or at least expected to start pulling first ore November 2008. Therefore the date that the mine start is heading for is actually for when we originally bought into AIM (then 2009 start). My confidence for LT return is still in play I believe, as Hoof says, who can actually stuff this up?
    Reading into Bill Cashes words 'Time is up our sleeve' could be in regard to his bullish outlook on Zn? IMO or the return of positive results from previous drilling and the VTEM survey to add further resource to Perkoa? also IMO
    All these results in time may then put AIM in a stronger position to acquire the balance of funding for our little mine to be completed. Anyway my thoughts and by the way steel prices are rallying again. Zn may follow?

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