aim - good news coming......?

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    Have been running the ruler over AIM resources (the new look FGR), i notice a few others have been looking at it too. I get the feeling its poised for some good news and a decent spike soon:

    - deal with falconbridge appears to be throwing up some decent nickel projects. if falconbridge are going down the wmc path, there could be some near production projects coming out.

    -the bhp project, Southern Fraser, is unknown but exciting. Placer are throwing up some great results to the north and it looks like there could be a new regional gold play. field activities will start soon. the new exploration manager Jeremy Read was involved with the project at bhp and is well aware of its potential

    -management appear to be reviewing a number of projects. one way or another there looks to be a flow of good news coming

    -mkt cap is low for a serious explorer, 171m shares post issue. 1.5c stock isnt a concern, its either gone to shareholders averaging down or friendly parties. Management have a good chunk of shares (15%). 1c stocks also seem to run much easier in % terms

    -as an investment strategy, buying shells where ownership has changed can be a real winner. srt has run from 0.2c to 4.0c, ezi image is up 50% etc.

    Good luck. i hold
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