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Ahz has a growth rate of over 7% what gives

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    Yep it keeps growing by 7 or more % 1/4 to 1/4
    And yes they do have cash burn as most do
    And yes you all seem to be hell bent on on just the cash burn only
    what did you think was going to happen
    No cash burn and just sales growth
    it costs money to make the patches
    And at this early stage it cost money to make sales happen
    only a fool would think that they can grow without spending a buck
    but wait there is more
    they are also working on a vax which cost a buck or two
    sell if you like on Monday over this 1/4ly I dont care
    However why did you buy it
    Was it to suck it and see
    or did you think that in the long run they will come good
    Again sell at will as this is not a ramp
    At 2 cents or under we were talking about the same things
    But this time we have only 1 product that is on the market
    and even now back then we thought all approvals were going to be for children only
    and what did we get
    So again sell if you want it could make others happy
    but some will be glad you did
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