ahhhh! wipo me lad!

  1. 4,434 Posts.
    Just got in and what do I see?
    A real puke session from you! Dozens maybe, of posts all to prove what I had admitted before. That I do use profanity -that mean words like fuk, and shlt and slime and screw etc. I've no idea what you wanted to prove to the rest of the forum nor do I think it was such a cathartic exercise for you. I can see your throat still swollen with puke and ready for another flushing.
    Once again, let me remind you the thread's history: you (as ghosty) wrote a post on how I can get away with so much profanity. I (as me) said to the effect that it's not just I but people like you and you (as yak) who should also be noted for their use of profanity, and copied some (very few) posts where that was the case. In other words, provide proof for my assertions.
    Then you agreed with me that I use profanity but agreed with me so vigorously that you've posted a great many posts to make sure the whole forum saw that I was right!
    Your mania for twisting and turning, wipo will be the death of you! In any case, it seems you could easily be a front line contenter for the tirle of "King" ie Johnny O'Keeffe with his "Twist and Shout" hit.

    I await the day when your posts direct themselves to a topic, discuss that topic with some facts, have a multilateral conversation and then move on. I assure you, I'm sincerely waiting for that to happen because then and only then we'll all know you're cured.

    And, really, wipo, no body really cares a stuff who I am. But they sre wondering what the hell you are!
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