ahhh - the "cannot recall excuse"

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    watso was sacked 40 years ago, and still recalls the interview (watso was pissed off that the field hands did all the cooking and cleaning, after work - and some snotty nosed superior, never did a thing ) - indeed watso was also sacked before that - when as a 15 year old, he was sacked after 3 days - and watso recalls the interview - gee, all that watso and his mate did, was to go to the head boss, to advise him, that we would be leaving at the end of the week - because we got a job, which paid better - so he told us to leave immediately.

    anyway, how often has gillard sat through a taped interview, where her conduct has been questioned - and that was only 17 years ago.

    for gillard to claim that she did nothing wrong, is a furphy - gillard must know the reasons why she was interviewed, and she decided to leave - despite claiming that she would be staying at the law firm.

    oh - back to the "cannot recall excuse"

    from the australian

    "Last night, Ms Gillard's spokesman told The Australian the PM had "no recollection of receiving or sending the claimed correspondence in this matter"."

    and part of the relevant article..

    "The newly released documents, a record of interview about the association between Ms Gillard and Slater & Gordon then-senior partner Peter Gordon in September 1995, show Ms Gillard alone prepared the response when the authority suggested it was ineligible for incorporation due to its "trade union status".

    The documents show that Ms Gillard in 1992 wrote to the Commissioner for Corporate Affairs in Western Australia, where the association was being incorporated, arguing for the decision to be reversed."

    gillard is obviously telling a furphy, when she claimed that she was acting on behalf of wilson and blweitt, and as such, they represented the union.. no she was acting for wilson and blewitt, not the union
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