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    Warning the following contains "frustrated ramblings".

    I think Con has his finger in too many pies to really drive this one home (Kos doesn't seam to be doing much more), given the achievements (all administrative)in the 1/2yrly.

    What proportion of his time and energy goes into ESI compared with say Graincom. He appears to have been and still is in and out of businesses of all sorts. Have any past successes really been due to him or has he been the dead horse that only succeeds when others pull the chain around him. And I'm not sure if Kos is any better. After the rollerskating developer do we really want to be lead (LOL)by Kos the Roller hockey coach and sales and marketer or do we need someone with a resources background and someone with a power generation background. Do we think that there is some form of confilct of interest there with the appointment of Kos?...

    This is going to take someone with the knowledge to hit the ground running and someone with the drive to make it happen. No more administration, and creating a minute book....Sales, deals and build a big plant.

    If the ROI is 2yrs then why isn't ESI building a plant? That a no brainer. To value the technology at 100M is a joke, where is the bankable feasability study!! with $M's spent there has been very little of ecconomic value created this year and no progress.

    ESI took hold of the trial plant and announced a production capacity 5tph, now it appears that the plant only produces <1tph. Theres the problem, when I was harping about the production capacity 'numbers' needing to be released I was right. The plant has had several "upgrades" why??? because the process is significantly slower and is underperforming (imo). As a result any production facility now appears to need to be x5 the size. Please clarify or disprove the available numbers Con, ?? Anyone ??

    I'll stop now...

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