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    For those who bought shares yesterday and have not seen the Sept 4 Scandinavian Agreement, here it is again:

    4 September 2003

    Australian based technology/outdoor media company Lumacom has announced successful advances for the installation of its LumaSign products into Europe with an agreement reached for new signs in Scandinavia.

    The Company’s European senior marketing officer has on behalf of the Company entered into heads of agreement for three signs for Scandinavia – two for Sweden and one for Finland.

    These are in accordance with the financial models achieved for the Company’s installation of a LumaSign in Barcelona with income potential on a similar level.

    The Company is now handling some 30 enquiries across the European region and anticipates making further announcements in the coming weeks.

    The rapid advance throughout Europe with the securing of the Scandinavian sites is a direct result of the Company’s official launch of its Barcelona site in July.

    Attended by some 250 media buyers, advertising executives and industry specialists from throughout Europe, the launch has been extremely successful with the number of enquires for Lumacom products escalating as a result.

    Lumacom is now advancing the commercialisation of its products with interest for the installation of Lumacom signs in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Turkey and Russia.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON LUMACOM, refer to Authorised by: Rodd Sala Managing Director - Lumacom Ltd Ph: 61 8 9228 8577 Fax: 61 8 9228 8677

    Comment: Stockness: Dates 18/12/2002/ 16/5/2003: Barcelona, value of screen $1m; it does not give the size but could be similar to that of Claude-see previous date, say 120 sq m and net revenue is $A800,000.

    The 3 Scandanavian screens could supply $A2.4 revenue mill/year in total.

    The recent appointment of a CFO has freed up the CEO who can now more concentrate on deal making and the overall business.


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