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    Anyone going to the AGM in Perth.
    Would be good to throw your questions on here for someone to raise at the AGM and report back to the few of us who care.

    My biggest frustration is the lack of information investors get which has allowed the shares to plummet to ridiculous lows. Pitty the capital raise participants at 33c in May and the earlier sofisticated offer at 1.5 from memory.

    Synergy had a significant milestone announcement May 2007 which stated Panorama can now aggressively continue its strategic negotiations - anyone know how they are going 1.5 yrs on.

    It also states- There is also a growing interest from
    corporations in the telecom, memory and aerospace sectors which have been overwhelmingly impressed with the high speed switching arrays which is at the core of
    the Panorama technology. With the technology demonstrator in hand, these interests can now be rapidly advanced.

    Rapid what is meant by this?

    technology is well vindicated through the achievement of the first technology demonstrator. - seen by??
    Panorama has now entered into an exciting new phase which combined with major industry players will lead to the product commercialisation of its technology in various forms. Surely after 1.5 yrs you can tell us who what and where or if they are at all still excited?

    Wanting to believe - best I go for a skinnyflatwhite...
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