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uptick,The issue of "SMA vs solenoid/motor" is separate from...

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    The issue of "SMA vs solenoid/motor" is separate from "dumb lock vs smart lock".

    One can easily design a "smart" lock based on a solenoid or motorised mechanism - by including a simple, low cost electronic circuit board with a microcontroller and network interface.

    Effective, long-life SMA based acrtuators are best implemented using a local microcontroller to control the SMA and prevent it from destroying itself in over-stress situations - hence the mechanism is inherently "smart". Add a commmnincations interface and voila, you have a networked smart lock.

    "Dumb" SMA mecahnisms are possible but require either external intelligence somewhere, or some non-electronic means to protect the SMA from over-stress.

    So the bottom line is that TZ's SMA based locks are inherently "smart"; whereas solenoid or motorised locks can be "dumb" or "smart".

    There are plenty of "smart" solenoid or motor based locks on the market - the most commonly encountered being swipe-card controlled hotel door locks.

    It is a pity that after years of exposure to the technology, MK and/or KT are still mixing this message. It might impress non-technical punters, but the customers' CTOs are unlikely to be impressed.

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