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Yes rosie, a merger is the most worrying factor in this whole...

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    Yes rosie, a merger is the most worrying factor in this whole debacle.
    The fact that Todd/BBIG always fail to mention FMS in ALL public released documents leads me to believe that a merger is their goal for ultimate and complete control. We have been warned twice (from memory) by them.

    What voting percentage they require to achieve this I’m not sure. Is it >50% or 75% or can they just do it? I doubt that.

    This is where OCJ will have to show their real colours.

    Our so called independent directors and the rest are, in my opinion, failing we remaining non-Todd shareholders to the umteen degree. This have been shown many times since this new FMS board was formed. I don’t need to outline their failings because you all know them.

    We are ALWAYS treated by Todd/BBIG as nothing but 2nd class, no, make that immaterial people with no funds invested in OUR company whatsoever.

    I can just hear it behind closed secret doors……. “Guys what is the best way to get rid of these piddly little remaining nuisance holders. Will we offer them a few more cents, no make that 1 more cent than last time in another takeover or will we just merge them with us? Whatever we do we have to get rid of them. Also, guys, this must remain confidential and must not leave this secret room. Imagine how they will wine and just because they have money invested in THEIR company. Bloody hide of them”……..

    I have written to four WA state ministers including the Premier regarding the naming of the definite (Precise; explicit and clearly defined) IO source for the BB project. Three answered and they referred my letter to the Premier. The Premier answered and said (in summary) all relevant parties will be considered. I can’t disclose any more here.

    All the above is only my opinion. Please do your own research
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