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AGM and the way forward...

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    Hi Guys,

    I have just returned from the AGM in Perth and come away with more belief than ever that all the ducks seem to be lining up for the making of a potential bauxite miner in the near future.

    Nothing was directly conveyed of course but the mood you got was one of confidence.

    The board obviously is what impressed me the most and seemed assured on the path forward and quietly confident that the numbers are stacking up and macro economically the demand globally will be there. The relationships they have built with Engil and the government are hard earned and the government are pushing for this.

    CAPEX will be way under what any other operation of this size would be some 80% as the Rail is there the Port is there and the government are needing an industry to provide for their people. The spur line connecting the Port and Rail is the key which will be privately/government funded as the capacity of the line is way underutilized and needs tonnage, something CAY definitely has in spades.

    OPEX was mentioned and although no figures were mentioned they said that they are comfortable with their preliminary estimates and they will make money especially with the premium product they are producing. They are well aware that this is an issue of shareholders and are looking at even further refinement of product to increase margin but keeping costs to a minimum.

    Tolga attended the meeting and his mantra is clear as conveyed to make money and he spoke of absolute confidence in relation to the resource, the demand and the fact that if they cant get this into production someone would be winning to take it over at a price much higher than it is today. I like Tolga he speaks a simple language that the average punter like you and me are attune to and I quote "We are all here to make money!"

    I left there with more confidence than ever that my investment will appreciate over time and in a few years if the ducks stay in their line we wont regret our decision.

    By the looks of the shareprice over the last few hours the market tend to agree.

    Good luck punters!!
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