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agm 20 nov and viability.

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    Fellow III posters.

    I am a big fan of III and I am comfortable to be in Icon for the long term why.

    • Mt Carbine pending Cash flow.
    • Tungsten is a “Strategic Resource”.
    • Tungsten price holding.
    • Limited Tungsten known resources.
    • Not like other “Small Caps” Tungsten is in short supply.
    • Mt C existing mine with limited “Start Up” external obstacles.
    • Dedicated and EXPERIECCED TEAM.
    • “Back the management”
    • Percentage of Shares to be issued to get Mt Carbine & Icon cash flow positive very small.
    • Number of shares on Issue very small.
    • Real chance of a P/E of 2 in 12 Mths (Current $0.20).
    • “Back of Envelope calculations” $2.00 in two years.
    • Directors hold 27% and are buying.
    • 2 of 3 Directors Hands on.
    • Directors hinting at a “White Knight” investor.
    • Banks flushed with funds. Icon has already HINTED that Mt Carbine the Plant & Equipment will be leased. (Self Funding)
    • No Bank debt.
    • Mt Carbine Plant and equipment available Ex China.
    • Tungsten tailing & Refining/sales contracts negotiations well advanced.
    • Steve Barthrop & Other directors contacts.
    • Directors objective for the $0.35 Options expiring 30 June 09 to be taken up.
    • Shipping processed Mt Carbine tailing buy June 09 Tight but achievable.
    • Tin Project progressing.
    • Iron ore project long term.
    • AMG 20 Nov hopefully some strategic announcements.

    The only Negative I have is the World economic meltdown which is a concern for all the companies.

    Please do you own research.
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