AGL plans 250MW pumped hydro plant in South Australia as replacement for gas

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    " AGL Energy, the owner of the biggest gas generation fleet in South Australia, has announced plans to build a massive 250MW/2000MWh pumped hydro energy storage project in an old copper mine about 55km south-east of Adelaide.The company said on Tuesday that it has agreed to pay $31 million for the rights to develop the pumped hydro project at the old Kanmantoo mine from Hillgrove Resources, using the existing open mine pit, with a new upper pond to be built on nearby land.The move reflects the major shift to a state grid that will be nearly all renewable energy within 10 years. “It would help us to meet the changing needs of the South Australian energy market, in which energy storage assets are likely to be needed to provide dispatchable capacity as renewables generation increases over coming years,” head of wholesale markets Richard Wrightson said. "
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