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    Date: 20/07/2011

    OPHIR: 2.51 (Inc 0.6%)
    NOBLE: 96.68 (Inc 2.84%)
    ROCKSOURCE: 2.50 (Inc 7.8% + rebound after recent smashing of about 25% for dry hole)
    FAR: 0.082 (Dec 7.9% - following Hartley's report on post-Kora opportunities)

    NO NEWS and POO at 98.40

    CONCLUSION: Other than FAR, other JV partners are reacting to positive market fluctuations. Also Rocksource has extra rebound from being oversold following recent failure. No news for alll JV partners - not just FAR.

    I know volume is not included but that was not exceptional intrades for July 20th.

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