ETEMy first target 1.4-1.5 cents. Has fallen on low...

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    My first target 1.4-1.5 cents. Has fallen on low volumes.
    ConocoPhillips started drilling nearby ETE early in Feb.
    I'd expect news very soon..this company have already found a massive oil discovery very close to ETE newly acquired leases.

    "A month later, the world learned why the Houston-based independent had bid so aggressively: ConocoPhillips had discovered a massive new oil field just north of its newly acquired leases in the 22.1-million-acre reserve in northwestern Alaska."

    "he Willow field is located in a geological structure called the Nanushuk formation, a feature that geologists say oil companies have been overlooking for years. Many of ConocoPhillips' new NPR-A leases may also be located in Nanushuk rock and therefore could contain significant pools of oil.
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