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    Israel outraged at 'threat to peace' poll

    Israeli authorities have reacted angrily to a European Union opinion poll in which more Europeans identified Israel as a threat to world peace than any other country.

    The Eurobarometer survey polled 500 people in each EU member state.

    When asked whether Israel represents a threat to world peace, 59 per cent of those polled said yes, ahead of the 53 per cent who named Iran, North Korea or the United States as threats.

    A European Commission spokesman called the findings "legitimate" but tried to hose down their importance.

    Authorities in Israel said the poll was outrageous and biased.

    Israeli Government minister Nathan Sharansky called on the EU to stop what he described as "the rampant demonising of Israel".

    The Italian presidency of the European Union has said the opinion poll does not reflect the official EU position.

    Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says he has called his Israeli counterpart, Ariel Sharon, to express his surprise and indignation, and to underline that the poll will not affect the official position of Europeans towards Israel.

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