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    It’s my view that AFT will go like a rocket. The ability of its air purification unit to destroy bacteria and viruses means that this unit will be mandatory wherever people congregate in an enclosed space. The modern technique of completely enclosing large buildings and recycling the air has created a perfect environment for spreading diseases. This is especially dangerous with the advent of SARS and antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis. A virulent form of influenza could be as devastating as the 1918 outbreak which killed over 40 million people. Every airliner (notorious for poor air quality), submarine, ship, hospital, school, surgery and enclosed building will have to be equipped with this technology. I believe that it will eventually be unlawful NOT to have it installed. In my view, this stock has the best story since Chemeq. It’s even better than Chemeq in that they are much closer to production. The fact that they are setting up manufactoring facilities and establishing a market in China is, to me, extremely good news. This is a stock to buy and hold. At it’s present price, it seems to me that it’s hugely undervalued – even at this early stage.
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