AFT 0.00% 0.1¢ aft corporation limited

aft is an easy play...

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    All u got to do is wait for a break SPP announcement or delays of the post..Thats just a ame excuse coz the cheques for the SPP arent flowing thru!

    Ok.. the price is at 2c... but it has UNCERTIANTY!
    Id rather wait for a breakout above 3.5c to 4c...
    That way u have momentum pushing u and some certainty...

    Investing now is purely a hunch, nothing else.The chart doesnt even support u!
    The SPP they are offering sint even supporting u (as another poster mentioned, 0% play.

    Wait til 2 things:
    Momentum to be running strongly.... and some certianty of announcements / results regarding their product (ie sales and revenue)


    Ps. Til then, its a sell .. or do not touch!

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Currently unlisted public company.

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