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    Lol, you really are something special FG,. The yanks have never had an interest in African politics, the Nigerians have been paid squillions for their oil, and yet they all live in poverty. Whose fault is that?

    Why dont you blame the old colonial powers like France, Belguim, Germany and the UK.? Better still , blame the despots that you fawn over, theyre the ones in power.

    Of course im sure the UK will get the FG death wish, but Mon Dieu und Gott in Himmel, dont dare blame the others..

    Not that it matters much , most of the african dictators are ex Soviet educated stooges, Cuban/ North Korean Marxists or Gaddafi trained terrorists. But hey, lets blame the yanks anyway.

    you wouldnt be one of those sneaky buggers who drop lettuce leaves on the floor at woolies then "slip" on it and scream for your lawyer , would you? Same MO.

    By your own admission , the yanks have had low interest in Africa yet you still try to sling the blame onto them. And now that they want to find alternative oil supplies and pay for it, its their fault again.

    how the hell do you function day to day with logic like that?

    Of course, when the sh!t hits the fan , who are the UN and the rest of the bleeding hearts gonna call?.....


    (insert Ghostbusters midi here)

    In Monrovia, refugees waving handkerchiefs and American flags swarmed the U.S. team's convoy as it visited some of the camps housing tens of thousands of people displaced by the fighting.

    At a high school where 18,000 people live, crowds thronged the delegation, clambering over vehicles and chanting, "No more war, we want rest!"

    Thousands more danced, sang hymns and chanted, "USA, USA," at Monrovia's athletics stadium, where families left destitute by war are sleeping beneath the bleachers.
    Liberians want U.S. peacekeepers to end years of violence and believe only they can win respect from a generation of young fighters nurtured on war and inured to atrocities.

    Cheering crowds swamped the reconnaissance convoy as it drove through Monrovia, rushing forward to shout "We want Bush" and "No more war, we want peace

    Dont hear anyone saying we want Saddam, Chirac, Schroeder or Kim Jong IL, ....FG... lol


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