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    Who in the world is Laura Tingle another left wing woman Trump hater writing for the AFR, stopped buying this crappy so called business paper years ago but still look at their head lines online hoping for a change, firstly Laura, no tear gas was used, also people over there are looting killing and rioting, why not mention the hypocrite Nancy Pelosi holding up a Bible and preaching, no mention of the crook Biden and his son, President Trump won the election and that hurts you false so called journalists, why not mention what President Trump has done on criminal justice reform for Blacks Like doing something about mass incarceration which Obama and Biden did nothing, also President Trump helping black people in college and University, come on Laura and all you other Trump hating Left wing journalist ,you probably will not read this but I challenge any Journalist worth a grain of salt to do a proper investigation on Joe BIDEN with both eyes open and tell the truth if you are capable, glad we have a Prime MINISTER WITH GUTS .
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