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    The bottom right-hand corner p31 of the AFR today has a small article on CNP in the 'Taking Stock' section.

    Along with the graph showing the decline, they are quoting a forward EPS of 44c and div yield of 48.8%.

    I don't think this presents an accurate reflection of the situation but it may spark some interest from readers who are unfamiliar with the CNP situation.

    I know of a number of people who follow the Taking Stock column to look for potential investments.

    AFR 4/3/08, p31.
    Shopping centre owner and funds manager Centro Properties Group reported a $1.1bn loss of Friday after a tumultuous first half in which the credit crunch left the group unable to refinance debts. Local and offshore players are circling Centro's key assets and investors believe the most logical outcome will be a combination of asset sales and equity injection. Centro has flagged that cash and pro rata equity injections will be considered, but the dual process has confused some players. Local groups wanting to buy stakes in the group's Australian shopping centres are concerned their interest will be brushed aside as the group seeks to recapitalise at the entity level.
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