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AFR article on WPL and HDR

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    There's an interesting article in today's AFR "Due diligence" column (back page). Perhaps someone can post it.

    It says that HDR plans to raise up to $30m in fresh equity through Macquarie. It goes on to say that this is HDR's way of provoking a full takeover offer rather than allowing WPL to hold off for another couple of months to receive more comprehensive drilling results.

    It quotes Gordon Ramsay of Salomon Smith Barney as valuing the "risked potential" of Mauritania at $1.25 per WPL share.

    I don't know how well informed the columnist is and you might take issue with his assertion that this is a move by HDR to provoke a takeover, but nevertheless its an intersting read.

    Interesting week coming up !!!???



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