afr article - on the lookout for nickle sulfide de

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    Interesting afr article on WMC Resources. CEO says that they are looking to acquire a world-class copper/gold deposit and have drawn upa list of targets. He also said that nickel laterite operations had not been successful and that despite selling their smaller nickel mines to juniors, WMR was on the lookout for nickel sulfide deposits of the type they had traditionally mined in WA. They are I know exploring north of Mt Keith at Collurabbie with FCN and results are due soon. FCN have a JV area with WMr ajoining WMR's block and FCN has another block to the south in JV with Newmont. I am speculating here - but could the sale of their smaller nickel mines be related to the potential nickel sulfide/gold/PGE in these blocks?? We should know soon.

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