AFL team to overachieve?

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    I need a bit of help from the AFL side of the sports forum.

    Ladbrokes have got a handicap market for the AFL comp this year. I've always liked the handicap style of punting, usually when they rarely do it in golf .

    So , what I need is for one or two sides that you think will overachieve this year (beat the handicapper). Is there a team that will jump out and exceed expectations.

    From my casual fan perspective, at the moment I am thinking the Gold Coast and Adelaide are two teams that may do better than expected but am open to those who know the game and player movements much better than me.

    I can't remember the exact handicap of each team but from memory :

    Hawks - off scratch
    Sydney - off 4
    Port - off 8
    Freo - off 8 or 10
    Collongwood - off 20
    Suns - off 20
    Bulldogs - off 34
    Gws - off 34
    St Kilda - 44

    (I don't remember the others off hand). For those who aren't aware, those teams above start on those points from round 1. So st Kilda is on 44 points and hawks on zero and then it's the usual points for win added on as the season goes .

    So the team that overachieves wins.


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