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    Pretty quite on the AEX front with Quarterly Report due later this month. With the potential release of further drill results inclusive and/or prior to the release of the report, depth is indeed looking very thin.

    Indications suggest we are still waiting on a number of drill results, however due to the inconsistency surrounding the drilling and release of results, these may NOT be entirely accurate in their assessment.

    -WPRC 57,54, 55, 60, 59, which are all, situated on the INCO zone.

    -Sulphide drilling at the Basal Contact / Basal Ultramafic (program commenced???)

    -Drilling beneath Basal Ultramafic (program commenced???)

    -Drilling of North West mineralisation of Basal Ultramafic (program commenced???)

    -Deeper drilling at Southern end of INCO zone (program commenced???)

    Anyone have a more accurate picture? All a bit confusing given AEX have stipulated a 100 hole drill program in the INCO zone (12 drilled so far?) AND a total of 50/60 holes in the Beadell Zone (10 drilled so far?).

    Eg: In the latest Corporate File interview with Ed
    (07/05); he mentions that "The drilling and nickel leaching testwork is underway and will be completed over the next two to three months."

    Therefore it appears we have not received any results since the 10 April announcement detailing the intersection of the “Gneiss.”

    (Nugget2; any further info. in relation to the Gneiss?)

    Bomber, Nugget2 are you aware how many rigs are currently at Wingellina? Previously I think it was mentioned there was only the one rig on site? Has this changed in recent weeks?

    Appreciate the feedback,

    (I hold AEX)

    nb- I am not a butcher, baker, BROKER, nor pornstar and encourage everybody to seek their own independent financial advice. (ie. READ THE RED)…
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