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AEX - the next Minotaur?, page-2

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    I'm not sure how AEX will pan out - I'm hopeful that given that major international companies are interested, that mining the nickle oxide may be feasible. If (a big if) they find sulphides - yahooooooo!!!

    Why is there a seller of 500,000 @ 11 cents? My guess is that they bought in the last run up at or above 15 cents and they want to exit with something. Selling on Friday at 10 cents may well have provoked them to exit while they can (this is of course a short-term and pessimistic viewpoint).

    Ed has said in the corporate file interview on 7/5/02 that drilling of the basal contact of the ultramafic is underway. So we shouldn't have too long to wait - hopefully results will be out in the next few weeks.

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