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AEX - the next Minotaur?

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    Keep an eye on AEX.

    On 07-05-2002, the Chairman stated " that there is geological evidence for the presence of nickel sulphides " and that " discusions with global mining companies have commenced ".

    With ANL's market cap at approx. $180 mil. and AEX's at approx. $20 mil., there is definite potential for a major valuation re-rating.

    For this reason, can't fathom UBS Warburg with a sell order of 500k shares at $0.11. Do they know something Chairman Ed doesn't?

    Or, as with ASC, often the disgruntled or the ignorant jump ship before the good news rocks the market. From its current level, a major sulphide discovery may send AEX on a Minotaur-like share price rise.

    The supply/demand dynamics for the nickel price are actually quite bullish over the next 2-3 year time horizon, as well, with the Russians forced to lock-up a major portion of their forward production as part of a recent loan arrangement.

    Stay tuned to the AEX story.

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