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AEX Quarterly - Wingellina IS a laterite, PAL the

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    Reading the AEX 1/4ly the following seems to be the case:

    The resource is now "limonite" and "saprolite" which are types of laterite, the description "oxide" which was used to differentiate the Wingellina project from failed (the term failed being used in the context of destroying shareholders and debt providers capital) laterite projects has been dropped. An admission that it was a laterite all along?

    No talk of further promised results on the atmospheric leaching routes, only a confusing description of testwork on the laterite pressure acid leaching process.

    Possibility of finding of sulphides seems as remote as ever, and only ever talked about. Spiced up with potential for "feeder zones".

    Judging by the share price all this was anticipated by the market. No doubt the experts that posted such good but incorrect research a few months ago will come up with other misplaced theories on this one. I hope someone on HC listened to me 3 months ago.

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