***AEX***holding back - u bet

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    well if it aint old AEX holding back the tonnage from us yet again.

    This is old info, so everyone who holds should have read past announcements, but it just clarifies that UNCLE ED is scared of T/O and has hidden the facts. Some of the following facts were on the AEX website, but the new website has taken it off.......wonder why????? I know

    In April 2000, Wingellina was thought to have a deposit that ranged from 54mill - 130mill tonne @ 1.2%Ni, however this didn't conform with the JORC (Joint Ore Reserve Committee) The Wingellina reserve was estimated using CONSERVATIVE cut off grades of 1% Ni

    HOWEVER, in June 2000, (only 2 months later) with no additional drilling being done on the Wingellina deposit, AEX came up with an "Inferred resource under the 'JORC'
    Code of 200MILL TONNE GRADING 1.26%Ni using a 0.5%cutoff".....equivalent to 2.5mill tonne of Ni.........

    Now poor old AEX are crying 124mill tonne @1%Ni.........
    Its got me baffled how ore that it is the ground can change tonnage and % - One conclusion

    IT CANT CHANGE........aex are down playing the size of the reserve. How can they do this - dud samples(most likely).
    This reserve will be sized up and by July(Im predicting from announcements) we will know how big this thing is and by then Im confident of a 50c SP.

    Very conservative, yes I know.....I haven't even put in PGEs, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rhodium, Scadium ect.ect.ect

    Heres to a very exciting 5/8 weeks

    I hold a truck load of AEXO
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