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aed in the mix

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    AED in the mix...never had a problem they couldn;t fix.

    Little rap tune for youse.

    Many would have shorted AED with teh recent falls.

    Well After getting live news feeds, I have gone long on AED.

    Always think outside mass thinking.

    Yes...AED is looking at selling asetts. Proposales have been various.

    Even Sky news....normally pessimistic on things like this has reported on AED being in a very liakable position. There was a full story on it tonight.

    I look forward to monday and I just wish I had jumped in bigger....not 10% of my portfolio...more like 80-90%.

    Stay tuned folks and research heaviliy. AED already copped a beating.

    Look at the numbers and calculate when you see the announcement. By my calculations....AED is about 30% of what it should be and mondays announcement may balance the unnecessary freefalll AED had. play with other beaten stocks...its been revealed that hedge funds have been colluding to rally together and push certain prices down.

    The bull market is over yeah? These guys still need to make their quota's monthly so the nasty tactics have been implemented.

    AED is one that shouldn;t have fallen so much.

    On monday...we should be given a lot more info and a solid climb back up. Whoever got in under $2.....very well done. I was scared and didn't dig deep enough...but here's hoping their are some negative write ups and faulty analysts predictions before they open on monday as I am hungry.

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