Advice on theoretical strategy

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    Hey guys i'm new to trading, only began at the start of this year and have only had long term positions as of yet. Some have been succussful others not so much.
    I have a passion for learning and aim to absorb as much information as possible. Lately i've been reading into day trading and scalping - because over the last 5-6 months one thing i've found consistantly is that the market is always going up and down.
    My question is, if you enter a long term trade and hold it - is it beneficial to scalp your profits as they come? Not small profits but say $500+? That may not be much to some of you but i'm only 19 and to me that is a lot. So if I scalp $500 from my investments and hold it - I still have the market value of my original investment but have saved the $500 profit and if the market declines I could re-invest that profit cash at the lower price.
    Is that a beneficial strategy? Or are there potential cons to this idea?
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