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    Recently many of you may have heard about this stock, particularly last week, given the monday annoucement of revenue growth. While I wasn't able to take advantage of the major uplift of 50% on the day.. i was able to participate on the minor run. whicn by weekend last week, was up around 80% - it was good enough for $5500 of profits in 4 days of work.

    I'm bullish about this stock and for various reasons, there doesn't seem to be much hype about the announcement of ending the year $5.6m in profit for 01/02. I've written to the MD requesting that information on his roadshow be disclosed also to the general public as we the broader audience shouldn't be neglected to this sort of deep privy information.

    I am interested in seriouis discussion and hope you guys can uncover something i haven't as yet. The MD has reinterated to me that his projections are realistic.


    Richie_Really_Rich :)
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