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AdultShop - Reports tomorrow

  1. 3,567 Posts. will announce their March quarter cashflow results tomorrow. The market is expecting a good number and large volume in recent months indicates that there are more investors willing to own a larger stake in the company.

    A large transaction of shares this morning is suspicious but why would someone sell 7m shares if they're expecting a good result?

    Anyway, I'm hoping for some good numbers as I have quite a bit at stake...

    Also read the IT shares report on comsec and in comparrison ASC seems cheap based on revenues and free cashflow.

    ASC generates 30m revenue/Quarter and around 5m free cashflow. It's market cap at 20c is 60m.

    ADA generates 13.7m revenue/half and 5.6m free cashflow per half. Market cap at $1.07 is 53.8m.

    HPX generates 35.6m revenue per quarter and NPAT of 2.9m/quarter. It's market cap at 1.78 is 197.8m

    In my opinion porn is like gambling and always sells... As long as ASC remains the dominant search result on the major search engines then they should be able to maintain/grow the business very quickly.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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