adult tony has now morphed again lol

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    Heard before that, not only has Tony morphed into a devout subscriber to AGW (nudge nudge wink wink), Tony has also grown into a devout (nudge nudge wink wink again! supporter of multiculturalism. Nothing to do with polls of course! All just 'genuine' Tony. ;-) We believe you Tone. Yeah right!

    Tony has 'grown' as an individual....if you believe one thing he This is becoming embarrassingly silly. Somebody please come to the aid of the

    Isn't it wonderful to have a 50+ year old aspirant for PM of the nation telling us how he has just realised he was wrong on issues that anyone with half a brain realised when they were still in high school......LOL

    Tony is finally making his way through the adolescence of social Sheeessshhhhh. Talk about social misfit.

    If it wasn't so pitiful to watch, it would be hilarious.
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