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    Media Release

    2 September, 2003

    GoConnect Goes Live With Online Adult Video Subscription


    GoConnect Ltd today launched two new premium Adult Entertainment
    channels as part

    of its m-Vision and GoTrek video subscription services. While
    online marketing of the

    new services has commenced as of last night, it is pleasing to
    see that GoConnect has

    already started receiving subscriptions internationally.

    Richard Li, Chairman of GoConnect, says “Branded as The Adult
    Channel and Rainbow

    Adult Channel, these two new premium channels will add to the
    video subscription

    service options already available to Pocket PC device users
    under the m-Vision platform,

    as well as now to the fixed line Internet GoTrek EV and Ourworld
    TV users. The service

    allows the consumers to subscribe to selected video channels
    over a 3, 6 or 12 month

    subscription period for a subscription price as low as $13 per
    month depending on the

    term of subscription selected.”

    “In order to subscribe, consumers have a number of simple
    navigational paths to choose

    from while online in the fixed line environment via their PC or
    via their Pocket PC

    devices. The subscription process involves the consumers
    selecting their preferred

    content package and then going through a billing system. Once
    the credit card details are

    entered and the transactions have been successfully processed,
    the service is activated


    The new premium channels offer adult entertainment both on the
    m-Vision platform for

    Pocket PC users as well as the GoTrek platform for consumers who
    wish to use their

    desktop PCs as the receiving devices. GoTrek is GoConnect’s
    unique, and patented

    software application, which enables people to receive
    interactive, TV quality video

    irrespective of their Internet connection speed.

    “We have thousands of people who currently use GoTrek to
    receive video content on the

    fixed line Internet. What has now changed is the addition of a
    subscription service for

    premium video content,” explains Mr Li. “I don’t think it
    is news to anyone that adult

    entertainment is something that people want and are prepared to
    pay for. Our content is

    rated to or equivalent to “R 18+” and it carries all the
    appropriate warnings and filters.”

    The two new adult entertainment channels launched today include
    The Adult Channel,

    and The Rainbow Adult Channel for the Gay community. Mr Li
    explains, “In respect of

    The Rainbow Adult Channel, it should be understood that we
    already have a very strong

    affiliate relationship with Gaydar which owns and manages a
    number of the most popular

    online Gay properties based out of the United Kingdom. They have
    a very large

    membership base and will enable The Rainbow Adult Channel to be
    directly marketed to

    over two million members of theirs around the world. To
    celebrate the launch of the

    Rainbow Adult Channel, the first 1,000 subscribers to this
    channel before 30 September,

    2003 will also be entitled to a 50% discount on the normal
    retail subscription price.”

    “Over the coming months, GoConnect will also offer a range of
    additional premium

    video channels including music, sports and business, to cater to
    a variety of different

    consumer tastes. With the advent of national wireless broadband
    services to Australia

    within a few months, and further assisted by the already
    substantial fall in Pocket PC

    prices over the past 12 months, the days are fast approaching
    that GoConnect’s m-Vision

    may well be converting even the $400 to $500 Pocket PCs into “video

    enabling the m-Vision subscribers to update and watch their
    video content any time,

    anywhere, at near to real time. In the process, this may well
    unleash the next major sales

    boom in Pocket PCs as m-Vision subscribers use them as mobile
    entertainment devices

    as well as for their existing business applications. ”

    For further information regarding this release, please contact
    Mr Richard Li on +61 3

    96296615 .

    For information on The Adult Channel, visit


    For information of The Rainbow Adult Channel, visit


    For information on m-Vision visit www.m-vision.tv

    For information on GoTrek visit www.gotrek.com.au

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