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adslot on twitter...welcomes..

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    A UK sign-up (as posted on Twitter)

    A couple of 'Stats & Facts' they mention here include:-

    Over 1 Million active members.
    Over 8 Million visits every month.
    Over 10,000 new adverts are placed on Preloved every day
    Preloved is the second most visited classifieds web site in the UK according to Hitwise

    No idea why all these recent sign-ups aren't deemed as 'price sensitive' to warrant an asx release save for the fact that they have no idea or projection forecast on what, if any (yeah sure), revenue may be generated from them?
    Maybe there are so many new customers joining up that they'll do one trading update to cover all..

    So the new UK office is making great waves...makes me wonder what's going on in the new San Francisco office..

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