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    Mornin from Thailand Delta - for sure mate, your $35 figure was always understood to be an 'illustrative' figure for making your point about how quickly ADN's M/C would grow even at such a low net figure and Wombat shares that opinion - all good my friend.

    To be honest the $150 figure I quoted is on the low side of the figures that were passed on to me and whilst I knew the possible top end figures mentioned were higher I simply didn't want to appear to be a crazy ramper on these threads and I'm sure you would agree that keeping predictions in check is a far better option then dealing with disappointment down the track. Either way the net figures for ADN are astronomical with a higher then $35 per tonne net figure so yeah - lets all hope that the figure's mentioned come to fruition.

    We all know that ASX punters are looking for the next 'holy grail' or 'hail Mary' pass and I was fortunate enough to buy PLS several years ago and still hold them today - what followed in later times was a Lithium stampede that eventually took a temporary whack in the face then the likes of Cobalt, graphite, manganese, vanadium and lately copper have all experienced differing amounts of predictions and buying interest due to the unstoppable EV revolution that WILL consume both the auto and domestic/industrial power storage sector in the near future.

    Will HPA be the next ?

    IMO HPA (mainly due to the expected use as a cell separator in AUTO batteries) has a huge potential of following these minerals and being the next sector that punters flock to IF and WHEN the HPA case is very well advertised and discussed in the open market.
    The differing market alone for HPA beyond the EV battery industry is huge as it stands anyway and quality HPA is unilaterally predicted to grow at a solid rate per annum - this is not ramping, the growth charts from different competent analysts are all saying the same so for my money I reckon Andromeda is a wonderful investment at these current levels and beyond.

    After HPA we enter the realm of HNT and who knows where this exciting sector could eventually lead ADN to - what a period we have in front of us.
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