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No I don't mind at all...Happy to shareFirstly, I declare I know...

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    No I don't mind at all...
    Happy to share

    Firstly, I declare I know nothing of charting or TA other than logic tells me it is not an exact science. Otherwise anyone could get some software or learn some interpretations/patterns and make money. I prefer the FA of the companies I invest in. I buy to hold.

    Secondly, One particular poster seems to think they are an expert and is trying to hijack the thread. At worst it is blatant down ramps and at best they are just wasting our time. I questioned them on FA and got no response.

    Lastly, if someone is having success out of charting I am happy for them.

    The point of sharing was to redirect the argument to better reflect the purpose of the thread. Charting.
    So I found a couple of sites online that give you the analysis.
    Remember I know nothing of charting other than the notion somewhere in the cloud would be some TA software online
    It took all of 5 mins to find something that other investors are using because an investing Q&A forum pointed to these 2 sites

    1st one was
    2nd one was
    There are many more sites out there...

    The period selected for both sites on the TA was 1 month
    The results stayed the same for 1 Week and 1 Day and 4 or 5 hours
    When selecting 1 hour or less the sentiment moved to sell on both sites

    The question to ask, and this is is where subjectiveness comes in, is "for which period should I select and follow advice?"
    Did the TA sites take into account the last hour was a Friday afternoon where the Day Trader community had to follow their policy of exiting before end of day or end of week? Was some larger group shaking the tree as many a TA trader would advise? Or did a larger group with smart software want to effect the charting patterns to accumulate more? ...and what of the trader with 10,000,000 units building the so called a wall this afternoon?

    Although I'd love to solve these questions, it is unlikely I or anyone else will see the facts to answer them.
    Logic tells me it was just another Friday afternoon.
    What is a fact is ADN had a great week and a good plan moving forward.
    ...and I base my decision on the FA.


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