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    HRH is the one adding value. Thank you to all those well wishers at the EGM yesterday. Unfortunately I did not get to shake hand s with any hypesters unless of course they all of a sudden found their HANDS !!! Sure couldn’t find them to move some resolutions !!! And what about that standing ovation – what will it be like when the Disciples and I join the board – might have to hold the meeting at the MCG we’ve got that many supporters !!!

    Anyway I’m back to add more value !!! What an excellent job the team of disciples have done in my absence. You know I read an article re a man in Afganistan who is on death row for downloading non muslim related content. And here in Australia HRH is suspended for predicting the future. Now did the King not say “I have eliminated some of the comparative behavioural aspects of the post like Gary trying to pull rabbits out of a hat and Geoff looking for his liferaft (these are simple examples of real life behaviours however understand that may offend some other holders who do circus tricks for a living and others who spent the afternoon hunting rabbits.” I mean did Geoff jump in the liferaft and has anybody seen Gary (if you wish to talk to him he’s the one on St Georges Terrace busking – still looking for those rabbits I reckon !!!

    What was the quote that had King Wally suspended you ask?

    Why Mia I asked - and the reply was "guns loaded" no drop ins and make sure your on the board !!!!

    Good luck folks - the end is but near !!!

    And what happened that afternoon but directors resign in mass. No gun but the King kept on telling you the board was strangled – now who happens to control the board now (yes I know who you think – HRH King Wally) but know it is good old Con the Market gardener – what a CLASSIC.

    Now did HRH predict 1.50 when the share was 2.00 ???

    Did HRH predict 1.25 when the share was 1.60 ??

    So what does HRH predict now I hear the disciples chant – well my soon to be substantially rewarded disciples – the fight is nearly over apart from the rantings of a few louts on the street – by the way does anybody know who slashed my TYRES last week ??? Back to the question – we are about to proceed to lift off – the sun is starting to shine, the wife is sizing up the nuggets, the FISH are biting and they are not just NIBBLES, the boat is full and can go large distances and there’s about to be some serious greening assistance to help Ruddy. Chuck in a bit of the stuff for the nose (not the stuff JAZZ has been using after his Rub A DUB DUB !

    Let me say on behalf of HRH and HRH it is great to be back – my thanks to the many well wishers and for those who continued this magnanimous battle in my absence – like the Battle in 1280 at Stirling there were a few foolhardy souls who stayed till the end. But to put you at peace – THE END IS NEAR MY SONS !!!!

    And did I hear correctly what Gary and Geoff cried out when they left the building last Thursday evening

    FREEDOM !!!!

    Blimey that was the catchcry of my ancestor !!!

    You should of yelled !!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    After HRH called out “WE GOTCHYA” !!!!!
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