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adatepe#1 to flow after logs

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    Gocerler #3 well flowed at 31mmcuft/day when tested ; Adatepe #1 has had significant gas kicks from zones which are larger than gocerler . A large gas flow can be expected between 20--40mmcuft/day from Adatepe this week when tested with reserves being up to double that of Gocerler . Those on this board in whose interest is to continue to put down Amity Oil are already hard at it ; and will try the negative spin heavily in the write up of Junior Oilers over the W/E.
    BUT , AYO is proving up the goods and will build on its strengths.
    AYO finished at $1.13 today on heavy T/O. The option AYOO was keenly traded up to 42 cents ; showing the strong direction of the stock . With further logs to be run and flow testing in the coming week , we may see even stronger prices in line with AEGIS valuations of up to $1.50.
    Consult widely ; and good luck to Amity'ites....
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