and that nonsense that 'people like you have killed...

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    and that nonsense that 'people like you have killed manufacturing', you clearly have no idea and have never actually run a manufacturing business in Australia in the face of the Chinese tsunami of PRC subsidised product. Ignorant, low brow, nonsense Hornet. Mining in Australia is the most efficient in the world and not because of low cost labour, but because of educated, dedicated labour, management and systems.

    I would normally not comment on any of the crap that gets spewed out on these forums but the predominance of queenslanders in recent days cheering on fat billionaires, i am really getting irritated about that, do you really think Palmer or Adani give one tinkers cuss about you, the communities and environments they exploit to the last dollar, and breath of the workers who actually make it happen... get off net flix and go visit Gujarat to see who Adani's billions have improved the lives of his community. Grow up Queensland, you are being taken for an enormous ride, as if the LNG exports are not enough you want to give Jabba the Hut the Artesian Basin to wash his coal in........... FFS
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