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    Hi Ocker,
    I replyed to your post last night, but in case you missed it, here it is again.

    My point was this. It wasn't difficult to predict one month ago that IT/high risk stocks were in for some selling pressure due to global investor nervousness. However, with respect to ADA, there is no company-specifc reason to sell. You only have to read ADA's full year results as well as recent ASX releases to see that the company is in a strong position. I respect your conservative strategy of only buying tech stocks AFTER they have posted a strong profit. (ADA 02 loss was due entirely to the expensing of one-off items). The trouble with your strategy, however, is that you'll miss most of the upside. (Look at PHY's recent run for an example of what I'm talking about.)
    When I look at ADA's numbers (and I've checked them again and again), I see a strong profit in 03. With big contracts locked in, there is as much earnings certainty with ADA as you could hope for in a tech stock. I also see that ADA have talanted and conservative management team. When you get the combination of top class managment, solid cash flow, earnings certainty, strong profit forecasts, and a dramatically over-sold share price, that triggers a strong buy in my books. Also, unlike most IT stocks which are suffering because of a reduction in B2B spending, Adacel's revenue/profit growth is linked to US defence spending. And I can't see US defence spending drying up any time soon. With the benifit of hindsight, it looks like I entered this stock a little early (average price paid, 74c), but I'm right about ADA's fundamentals. You're no fool ocker, but neither am I. Watch this space.
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